Used Office Partitions

As far as we’re aware, we might just be one of Nottingham’s only partitioning companies that is offering second hand materials as a consistent part of their service. After so many years in the trade, we’ve picked up so much excess from loads of different scenarios.

Nottingham’s only used suppliers

This means our repairs are generally cheaper than other companies as we have loads of replacements ready to go and don’t have to order product in. This also encourages speed of service as ew can simply take your broken partition to our warehouse and get, say, a new glazed panel added to it with no problem.

Having used partitions is useful as we know that some people don’t want to pay for partitioning materials for full price necessarily. So, we have a range of used goods from virtually brand new all the way to reasonably used and slightly damaged all for different amounts of savings. Obviously, the newer and better condition a wall ceiling or door is in, the less percentage will be taken off the price. Buying second hand screens and whatever else you need is a great move if you’re on a budget and don’t want brand new stock.

As we only stock quality, if you buy one of the cheaper used partitions, you still know that it’s not going to be ‘tat’ or tacky. Sure, it might be a bit damaged, but it will have all the practicalities of something brand new, but just won’t have that brand new and flawless look.

Prices of used partitions

Glass: Glass price reductions can be up to as high as 50% and low as 10% for used partitions.

Solid partitions: For solid partitions, reductions can be as high as 75% for our used partitions.

Used Office Refurbishment Service

Just like all of our services, we’re still the team to come and install your partitions, used or brand new. It’s probably even easier to install our used  materials as we’ve installed so many of these throughout Nottinghamshire.

used office partitions nottingham


Do you have any used partitions for sale now?

Yes, our warehouse is full of a range. We have divisions, walls and doors of most brands you’ll find online in popular websites like Amazon. Simply enquire to see what we have in stock and at what discount. We can always just send you pictures of the kinds of products you want to see.