A Price Guide For Office Partitions

An office is made up of a lot of different parts when it comes to partitioning it out and creating the perfect work environment for your company and budget.

Let’s first look at the most important considerations when setting up your office and partitions, then we can look at the budget you might want to use for a given setup.

When planning out what you need to create this ideal working environment, think about your space in terms of sections. Be tactical when choosing your office partitions Nottingham company – the wide variety of industries and companies in our cities means most offices shouldn’t look like the others and some companies are “winging it”.

It’s going to help everyone if specific teams are grouped together…

If they’re near the groups they’re most likely going to be interacting with on a day to day basis. Another consideration is the items they’re going to need within their role. For example, you might want to keep your admin team near a printer, or your design team near windows where they have space to think etc.

Use partitions to make your space more private 

If you have an open planned office using a lot of glazed partitioning, so everyone can virtually see everyone else, you can make the room slightly more private by adding screens around the desks of your workers. This allows people’s faces to be less on show when working so they don’t feel like they’re constantly in eye shot. You can retain the open planned vibe but still allow some privacy of your staff with a screen.

Remember that furniture is also important

It’s a good idea to invest into your partitioning as this is going to create the workplace for your people and your company.

Another equally important consideration that a lot of people think about when it’s too late is their furniture. Directors tend to leave the furniture until the end as it can fit into your office last, but what they don’t think about is that the furniture is going to be used every single day by the staff.

Key aspects of the furniture are as followed. Firstly is chairs, there’s nothing worse than having an office chair that is really uncomfortable that you have to sit on all day. Your staff are going to become unhappy working at your company even if it’s a great company. Discomfort promotes inefficiency. We were going to write that comfort promotes efficiency but that’s not always true, as you could have everyone working on beanbags and they would be more likely to fall asleep than they would get a solid 9 hours work done.

The other important furniture consideration is desks. Desk height is important as it’s going to impact everyone’s posture. Make sure to do a bit of reading up before you buy a desk. We think that standing desk options are brilliant for all companies so that people don’t find themselves sitting all day.

What will it cost to partition my office?

Most of these prices can massively vary, but let’s look at an overview of general costs for the main and most popular types of partitions.

Let’s look at frameless glazed partitions first. These are on the higher end of the scale as they provide the classiest partitioning available. Generally, a rough figure for these are £150 per square M.

Metal aluminium partition costs. For the low end 50mm partitions, you’re looking at something like £40-£80 per square metre depending on the brand you opt for, as well as if you want double or single glazing, if you’re having blinds and if you want to go for a higher thickness.

Metal studded partitioning. This is probably the cheapest option, coming in at £20-£50 per square metre depending on the thickness of the mm you go for.

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