How to Partition your Office

Creating a Sound Working Environment

Having free reign over a new office design should be cause for optimism. The layout of a workspace has a surprisingly large impact on the way a business functions. A poorly designed office can lead to lower productivity and lower employee satisfaction. You want a space where employees are comfortable in their ability to concentrate, communicate with colleagues easily when needed, and feel completely comfortable in. Good and bad working atmospheres are almost night and day in enabling employees to accomplish both their individual and team goals. Some prefer a more open, shared space, whereas others place a bigger emphasis on individual productivity. Whichever way you go for, always keep your goals and what you want to achieve in mind. For all your partitioning needs, office partitions in Nottingham are a great local, low cost solution.


What to Consider?

Firstly, how big is your office? This is the first step in understanding how best to accommodate everyone. Think about the number of staff you have and how you want everyone to fit into the space. What roles do they have at the company? What teams are there? How do you want the teams to be positioned in relation to one another? Does it make sense for certain teams to be positioned near each other, or combined in a way to make sharing ideas easier? Once you have designated sections, then you can think about more specific details. In general, the bigger the office, the more complicated it is to design. Small offices for small teams are much easier because there are far fewer variable to consider overall.



Larger offices tend towards more individual space, and individual desks. It can be a tricky balance between individual space and freedom and preventing people from feeling alienated. Should the desks face each other with open fronts? Maybe this is a way to maintain the feeling of being part of the team while still offering the personal space of an individual desk. Partitions that focus too much on separation can lead to people feeling isolated, stressed and not part of the team. Think of a film where at the start, the protagonist is bored of his/her life, going to a giant office full of isolated cubicles each day! This is not ideal for most people.



There are a number of different materials available for your partitions. Most partitions are solid for obvious reasons, and some have special properties such as keeping sound levels low. Glass is becoming more popular as an option too. Glass partitions can give a good balance between privacy and openness. An office partitioned with glass will be brighter and feel bigger, and often means people feel like there is a social feel to their workday, regardless of whether they spend much time interacting with others.


Sharing of ideas vs Deep Individual Work

Cal Newport’s book “Deep Work” is a fascinating thesis on the value of deep, uninterrupted, high concentrated work. This kind of deep work is almost impossible to achieve in a distracted, open environment where everyone and everything is moving. Do you employ people who need a highly concentrated environment? Perhaps not but consider the type of work and what levels of individual rigour is needed, if any. If the emphasis is on team projects then you’ll need areas for team meetings, and a workspace where ideas can constantly flow between the team.

Twitter has a large office but a very open space which seems to contradict the idea of deep individual work, but it is something of an exception. Because of the nature of having a large number of highly skilled roles, it becomes necessary for communication to be paramount at all times. An answer to a problem needs to be readily available should someone require help, and that means a more open environment is needed.

Remember that people work differently and have different personalities. Where they work best won’t be the same as everyone else, so consider the type of people you tend to work well with and what sort of space works well for them to achieve their goals.



Partitioning an office can be a complex task. Getting the right balance of productivity and comfort in the environment is very tricky indeed, but with the right considerations and the right input, the perfect setup can be found. Office partitions Nottingham are always here to help. With our input, we’ll help guide you in your design to get the best result. Check out our website for more answers to your questions or call us today and we’ll see how we can help you out.

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