Glass Office Partitions – Why they Might be for you

One of the Best Materials

Materials selection is important when it comes to deciding how your office will be partitioned. Glass is proving to be more popular overtime, representing a modern, elegant feel for contemporary offices. The frameless systems take up little space, relatively speaking, while allowing light to permeate through the entire office. Instead of a dingy, rigidly sectioned office, you’ll have an expansive, open and bright office that generates a real sense of team unity. Glass partitions will give your business a new lease of life if you’re making the switch from opaque partitions.
Having installed office partitions of all kinds over the years, it’s fair to say here at office partitions Nottingham we’ve seen a drastic rise in the demand for glass as an option.


Balance Privacy with Connectedness

There isn’t much more annoying than noise pollution and other noises to keep you distracted when trying to concentrate. Glass has excellent acoustic properties. Surprisingly so, in fact. Glass, particularly double glazing, is one of the best materials to keep noise levels down inside an office. During times of concentration and privacy, you’ll have no problem being able to knuckle down and get done what needs to be done. There is nothing to suggest that glass office partitions have any negative effect on productivity. In fact, we anticipate it’s one of the best options for productivity, given that the open feel of the office creates a real sense of team spirit.

This openness makes communication easy and simple. The sense of connectedness means that people more readily feel part of a team, rather than isolated and unimportant. That’s not to say that solid partitions automatically mean people don’t feel part of the team. It’s simply more difficult to generate a real sense of unity when completely cut off from everyone else.

For meeting rooms where it’s imperative to avoid any outside distraction, glass can be tinted or frosted for a translucent finish. This way, you get maximum privacy without feeling completely separated from the rest of the floor. Most prefer this type of screen, where the qualities of light and space are maintained.


Get More Natural Light

There aren’t many things more horrible than a dingy, poorly lit office that put strain on your eyes. Not seeing much daylight, especially in winter, can be particularly depressing and make people feel low and unproductive. Not every office is positioned to get a large amount of natural light but regardless, glass office partitions make the best use of the light available. A bright, well-lit, open office space makes for a very low-stress environment compared with something dark and cramped. People will maintain and improve their sense of wellbeing by being comfortable in a well-lit office.

It’s even likely that sick days will be reduced. More vitamin D and a better sense of wellbeing will go a long way to helping your employees maintain their health. Simple ways like this to reduce sick days are often overlooked.


Won’t it Break?

Firstly, as a team of responsible adults, no one should be putting a glass partition at risk! Even so, accidents do happen, but don’t worry. Tempered glass is strong shatter-proof, so even it something does happen, no one will be in danger of injury. If the glass does get damaged, it’s relatively quick and easy to replace.


Quick to Install, easy to Customise

Glass technology has come on a long way over the years. It may be thought that glass partitions would take a long time to install or be restrictive in how it can be deployed. Regardless of your desired setup, we can help you to get the right balance of practicality and advise of any problems. Then, we can go ahead and install your brand-new glass office partitions with minimal fuss.

If you go ahead and move offices or need to change the layout, for example, because you’re expanding, glass partitions make this process easy. The solid glass is much simpler to move than having to knock down walls! This ease of customisation has really helped to increase glass’s popularity.



Glass partitions are a great option for your office. They’re growing in popularity and are being provided by more suppliers. Ok, sure, not everyone wants glass depending on the type of business and their goals. We’ve found, however, that more and more businesses are turning to glass. Many underestimate the power of team spirit and sense of unity for a business, and a stunning office partitioned with glass is as good as it gets. It provides one of the best solutions for modern offices to really take their business to the next level. If you think glass partitions might be right for your business, get in touch now.


Check out some of the photos from glassatwork for some design inspiration and ideas.

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