Office Partitioning London

Office-Partitions.Info has two main bases: London and Nottingham. Our London base was created through the demand we received in the midlands for our renowned partitioning supplier and fitting service. The service has been running for over 15 years as a whole!

How we help companies to grow

Our service is all about making productive work environments. We create places where companies generate millions of pounds every year. Your working environment is essential in producing the work you need to produce.

Just getting the work done isn’t enough. We help our clients to design and create environments where their team can thrive. Your company is going to live and die on the work that is carried out on a day to day basis – if your team isn’t performing your company isn’t performing. If your company isn’t performing… You’re shrinking and will cease to exist one day.

This seems extreme but your work place environment is essential for your company’s success. There are obviously plenty of other contributing factors. Your environment, however, is a constant factor that will be there with you every single day of the year… so maximise it!

What do Office-Partitions.Info DO?

As described above, Office-Partitions.Info wants to help you create the most productive work environment for your team as possible. This is going to be different for every single company out there, almost no two companies are the same.

At the same time, we want your office to be created as cost effectively as possible. There’s no need to overspend, so we can help you get the best price on the partition system you need within your budget.

Other partition companies in London are usually good at EITHER being suppliers, being the office fitters or being especially cheap.

We think our company is the best at combining all three with more added benefits on top.

We have a large amount of stock ready to supply and can get partition materials at a great price.

Our fitting service is 8 men strong in London meaning that we can take on multiple large jobs at once. Our turnaround is also quick if you need your office set up fast. This also means we can take on new customers all the time.

What are the other benefits?

Design: Sitting down with you to get the correct design is such an important stage for us. We want to get your team working at it’s most productive levels and for you to have the best office possible.

We have case studies and pictures of our latest work to discuss ideas over, too. These act as helpful guidelines as we imagine that no two offices we install are ever going to look the same.

Experience: 15 years carrying out office partition supplying and installing has taught us a lot about the industry. Our wealth of knowledge will prove to be invaluable in every exchange we have about your office.

We have ‘seen it all’ across 15 years, especially since having over 20 employees between our two bases in the midlands and in London.

Maybe you need help fitting out your interior with colours, furniture and stationery? We are always involved in office and workplace projects. As a result, we’ve built up a strong feel on what you can do with the rest of your office space, not simply the partitioning supplying and installation.

Our contact list is also sizeable for everything offices in and around London, so you can be sure that we can assist you with the whole process of changing your office.

Used materials: Most clients we work with want new partitions. That’s totally understandable.

At the same time, we have some clients that want a more affordable and cheaper option for partitioning their office. We have used partitions in our warehouse ready to go for these clients. They’re often from taking out clients’ ‘old’ partitions (sometimes they’re only a few weeks old but have just expanded to a new office and want their own style in the new building).

As a result, you can get perfectly good partitions that have only been used for a few weeks. Sometimes our clients even want us to install these partitions (often glass partitions) into their home! We’re happy to oblige and help in anyway possible.

So our used materials spans across quite a range. A fair amount of it is glass partitions. If you contact us, we can let you know what we have in stock and if it suits your budget.

Office Partitions

How do you work?

The most important stage for us is getting to grips with what your company is trying to achieve. The office space should reflect this in every way.

Are you trying to make hundreds of sales a day over the phone? Is your team writing? Is your team drawing? Is your team working through complex problems? Will your team grow in the near future?

These are just examples of questions we might ask depending on what your company does. Your office needs to align with what you’re trying to achieve in order to maximise the productivity in your team. You need your team to feel good at work or no one is going to do anything.

Deciding with you how your office needs to be designed is the first step to achieving this. 

After seeing what you’re trying to achieve…

We can begin to pick the materials you want to use in your workplace. We have all sorts of materials from modern PVC, professional looking glass, aluminium and wood.

Occasionally you might even want to order certain parts of your office partitions from Amazon and we would be happy to install these for you if it makes more sense for what you’re trying to achieve.

At the same time as picking out the materials to be used, we can look at the design and style of the wall partitions we’ll use, as well as doors and ceilings if needed.

We have access to just about every single supplier out there and get great discounts after being in the industry for so long. This allows us to pass savings onto our clients too.

No matter what you need for your office, we have access to everything there is out there.

We’ll go over the examples we have of other offices and we can use imagery to pick out what should go in the office that is going to be the best for your company.

Install your office partitions

Once we have everything decided on how best to layout your office space, we can arrange a suitable time for both of us to come and install the agreed plan.

Our turnaround time is fast as we have 8 fitters in London. We’re also happy to travel anywhere in and around area.

And that’s it. Our process boils down to: decide what is best for you between our experience and your knowledge, then install it using our experienced team and excellent material.

Office Partitions, London

No matter where you are in London, is available and ready to help you. We’ve served seemingly every corner of London. We always expected this though as we have our depot and office in the heart of London. 

Even if you simply want to call us for some free, friendly advice about an office fit in London you’re carrying out… Feel free to and we’ll do our best to help out. Just call us using the number at the top of the page or the email address found.

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