Glass Partitions Nottingham

We are suppliers as well as installers of partitions.

Our glass service is all encompassing. We can supply and fit the following popular glass options:

Frameless glass partitioning. This is a really classy style of partitioning that divides your office seamlessly, quite literally. When you think of a large finance company in London or New York with the massive glass dividers between all of the rooms and offices, this is exactly what you’d get.

It’s a modern day choice that offers a spacious workplace environment. It’s open and light feeling, meaning that the whole place feels open and airy, but you still get those divisions within the property to separate people and divisions of the company.

Glass Office Partitions. Glazed partitioning creates an amazing and open feel to your working office environment. The key benefit of this classy option is that you can keep elements of your office private while also keeping that open and visible feel to the company. It’s good to be in sight but out of earshot!

A key benefit of glass office partition systems is that they’re quick and easy to install and you won’t have to do anything with your suspended ceilings – they fit in really easily.

Another great feature is that noise is reduced between rooms so that you could have a guest in your entrance room, a serious meeting going on (within eye sight!) and background marketing going on in another room… Everyone can see everyone and there are three totally different conversations going on win each room.

Glass partitions get loads of names like ‘glass walls’ or ‘glass dividers’, this is what they’re talking about.

One more cool feature about these glass partitions is that you can make them unique to your company and brand. Should you want a styling to be added to the glass to give that personal touch, we can do this in whichever style you like. Maybe you want your logo added near each door handle, or something relevant to your brand running all the way up walls… we can do both!

Nottingham… Let there be… light!

Glass partitioning can be brilliant for your office as it lets in beautiful natural sunlight, rather than being stuck under manmade lighting all day. Here are some basic benefits of using glass partitioning dividers throughout your office related to sunlight alone…

– Serotonin will be raised as your staff’s skin absorbs the sun’s natural rays. Increased serotonin is directly related to increased levels of work and execution.

– Sunlight increased Vitamin D which helps the immune system. This will help your staff to stay healthy if they’re spending a lot of time in doors at your workplace.

– Sunlight is simply brilliant to improve how you’re feeling. Not many people don’t like good weather and sunlight.

Also, let’s talk about safety. Glass looks feeble and many people associate glazed partitioning with something like a glass they would drink from. All glass that we work with is actually hardened glass. You wouldn’t be able to break it even if you tried. This means no one is going to fall through your dividers, no one is going to accidentally knock over 75mm small desk partitions and no one is going to hurt themselves on the glass.

What actually happens when the glass faces enough force to be broken is that the glass breaks into tiny little chunks of glass instead of shattering and becoming literal shards. The glass is tough and won’t be flying everywhere by any means, modern technology wouldn’t allow it. Our measurements for glass materials are generally 6mm, 10mm and 12mm thick.

  • Safety and soundproof! If this has caught your eye, you’re looking for laminate glass. Laminate glass has more than one layer of glass with a clever structure in between that keeps the outer layers sealed together meaning that the glass won’t shatter into little dangerous pieces. The extra later in-between also boasts adding brilliant noise reduction to the partitioning. The measurements of these windows are generally between 6mm-7mm.

Glass Office Refurbishment On A Budget

We offer budget options for anyone that doesn’t want to break the bank but still wants to get all the benefits of glass partitioning. This model is called framed glass partitioning. We use multiple models from Comfort partitioning, the SAS: System 2000, and the CPD Tenon: Flex Plus.

These glass walls are generally 50mm thick and really easy to install. They’re available with double and or single glazing and the snap in glazing bead can be installed in any office up to seven metres high.

Any of our framed glass partitioning sections are available in a range of colours. Here are some of the key advantages of these awesome framed systems:

– Price is lower than other glazed options

– We currently have loads of different colours to pick from

– You can easily move these in and around the office to change your layout

– Can reach 7m high in your office

– Fast installation

glass office partitioning Nottingham

How much are your glass office partition costs?

This can vary depending on your needs and which type of partition you go for. As described above, you can go for framed glass partitioning which could start at £150 per wall divider. As you buy more, your cost drops as there are less costs to cover on our end, like small things such as petrol. Then you have the more expensive versions like safety double glazed glass partitions and walls which could be more like £600 per wall. Really, it depends and we’ll always try and tailor our costs to suit your budget and the working environment you’re trying to create.

Can I get cheap office glass partitioning?

Sure you can, our framed glass partitioning is a much cheaper option that safety glass. You get key benefits like natural light, clarity and openness throughout the office, all while keeping your costs down. The safety won’t be as secure but you still make great savings and just have to be slightly more careful and they still make for a brilliant cost-effective option. A third option is to check out our used partitions page as we detail how we have a lot of stock in our warehouse, including glazed materials that you could get a great deal on and not have to pay brand new prices.