Glass Office Partitioning London

OfficePartitions.Info is an office partitioning service that has two bases in London and Nottingham. We are a comprehensive supplier and fitting service of everything partitions.

This means we’re the team responsible for fitting out your local office with it’s new sleek, shiny look. This page will focus on our glass partitioning service – which is extremely popular in London.

Our team is installing glass office partition systems every single week, travelling to all sides of London.

Keeping your team productive

We know that your office is the hub of productivity. It’s where you want your team to be at their most productive; their most effective.

Environments are a key factor within maintaining excellent productivity. The same person can’t do the same work in a sewer tunnel as they can at an incredible office space.

Your environment is everything when it comes to productivity and efficiency. Therefore, your team’s productivity is going to depend on the environment that is created for them. Certainly there are other factors but environment is just a key part of the equation.

Our versatile approach

Because we know how important your environment is, we know how to setup suitable office and work spaces for what you’re trying to achieve.

We’ve worked in a massive variety of different industries and sectors. Whether it’s a creative and arty space, designed to give your team freedom of thought and no restrictions in their work… Or you want to create an atmosphere of compression, action and hustle in a sales office – we have set up both types of offices in abundance.

The glass partition systems used in these two work environments are going to have two totally different setups in order to maximise productivity. Naturally, maximised productivity will mean maximising your company’s chance of growth.

That goes for everything between these extremes, too. Perhaps you need a welcoming reception space, or a stylish glass partition separator for a manger’s space. Whatever it is, we will have taken care of something similar in either London or Nottingham, our two main bases, and will have case studies to show you.

The case studies are particularly effective when setting up your new office. You can see things you like, things you don’t like and figure out the perfect office for your company.

The key benefits of using glass for your office

Glass has multiple benefits as it’s so unique. Although all the partition systems we offer are worthwhile, nothing can quite replicate what glass offers. Here are some of the key benefits:

The professional look: You can’t replace the look of glass. No materials will work as a substitute for the unique look glass brings. It’s stylish, modern and professional.

Let light distribute through your office: Using glass throughout the office allows light to openly spread throughout your working environment. Working under artificial lights all day isn’t particularly enjoyable and there’s also no replacement for natural light

Fire rated glass: Choose fire rated glass for your office so that fires can’t easily spread throughout your office space. Keep your team safe. Glass can help!

Safety glass: You might think that glass is an unsafe option. If it shatters, glass can be extremely sharp. The thought of glass getting into someone’s eye or flinging off into someone’s body is a scary thought. Thankfully, safety glass used in most office partitions these days won’t shatter but simply ‘crack’. This stops shards flying around if there’s an accident.

Soundproof: A lot of glass partitioning systems are soundproof these days. Some systems are more soundproof than others and we can guide you on what is best for the environment you’re trying to establish.

Plenty of choice: As already described, we’ve created glass partitioning systems for all different types of industries in London. The choice of size, style and thickness with glass partitioning is vast so you will indefinitely have access to what you need.

Personalise your glass: You can have your glass engraved with your company logo or motto. This could be around your glass walls or just on your glass doors. It’s up to you. Engraving is yet another classy attribute and option for glass partitions.

Glass Walls

Walls are obviously a staple in any office. They’re your borders and your dividers for separating your office.

Glass walls are especially good because they give you an amazing open feel to your office. Probably the most beneficial aspect of classy glass partitioning is keeping most of the team within eyesight. You can have the team within eyesight but not in earshot!

Glass walls are generally a cost effective option in the world of partitions given their list of benefits above. The price can be higher than other less authentic materials, but spending more money on your partitions could sense if it’s going to enhance productivity. Not paying a slightly higher price now could cost you a lot in daily productivity because you tried to create your area of work on a budget.

Frameless office partitions

Frameless glass is the most professional looking design of glass partitioning in our eyes. Whenever you see these large financial buildings in London, separate by seamless glass – they’re using frameless glass.

Frameless partitions help to create an open feel to your office and are proving to be more and more popular year after year. We wouldn’t be surprised if these glass partitions get more and more popular for the home too. 

An option some of our customers go for is buying our used glass partitions. 

When clients want us to take out their old partitions, they can be in near perfect condition, so we wanted to offer these to our customers if they wanted a more cost effective partitioning system.

Glass office partitions, London

We have a wide range of glass heights, thickness and styles ready for you to see and have installed within your office. Our fast fit out service means you can get the glass you need installed into the office in a matter of days.

Our team is happy to cover the circumference of London to supply and fit glass partitions for your office. The next stage is to call us and tell us what you need for your office. We can’t wait to help you make the office and workspace that you, your company and your team needs to thrive!

A few extra resources

The next best step in working with us is to always just call. Our helpful team will be able to advise you on any problems you’re facing with your office and arrange a time for us to come out and meet you. Read these articles by glass office partitions companies in London if you want more general details on how glass partitioning works!

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