Affordable Partitioning Range

Let’s face it, everyone has probably been there when making a state of the art office isn’t a priority. In fact, you’re faced with the opposite problem and only have a really small budget to make your office.

So what you need is something versatile, that still breaks up the space and looks good but is also affordable. These will be a lot more affordable to a company than glass partitions.

Introducing our 50mm budget partitioning system. These are really old but we still get orders to install these every month as they’re so effective at utilising space, still look good despite the low expense and sturdy. Depending on the supplier you go with, these types of dividers are often known as the Kameo 50, Elite, Matrix or Flexplus.

Budget Partitioning Systems

These systems have a metal (aluminium to be exact ) frame. The panels themselves are what are 50mm, offering a decent sized separation between sections in your office. Just enough really! These panels can be finished with vinyl or laminate depending on what best suits your company and space.

The key benefits of this cheap partitioning are as followed…

– Easily cleanable. You can simply wipe any marks away with minimum fuss.

– Modern style. These would fit in with just about any office. Maybe even the creatives down at Hockley!

– The height can be up to 6m

– The whole lot are portable. Whether it’s the doors or the walls, you can simply demount the structure and reposition them in your office to get the best use of your space possible.

Refurbishing your office on a budget with affordable customisation!

What’s coolest about these windows is that they’re easily customisable.

Its like starting with a very basic and low cost, but being able to customise your partitioning to have a few of the features you really need, rather than paying top price and getting features you didn’t need to pay for anyway. Here’s what you can do:

Reduce sound: The insides of these panels can have different levels of soundproof should you want them. You can choose from solid and glazed panels depending on how much sound you want in and around the office.

Safety: Obviously, no one wants a fire and it could happen in any office. Depending on how likely this is for your type of work, you can choose, again, between solid and glazed panels. Solid panels are going to be more fireproof than glazed on this one.

Style: You can change the colour or the skirting and pick whether you want laminate or aluminium. Everything can have a colour assigned to it to suit your other surroundings.

Doors: You can have just about any door to fit in with your 50mm budget partitioning. We can adjust the height, thickness and colour of the door so this is a really customisable feature.

Working With A Budget In Nottingham 

We’ve worked with loads of companies in Nottingham that are on a budget with their partitioning and this is fine. Not everyone even needs some breath taking facility where you feel like you’re in Lord Sugar’s boardroom.

As a result, this option is really good for anyone that isn’t looking to spend the top prices for glass partitions. Simply get something that looks good enough, fits in with the theme of your company, is easy to clean and suitably customisable to the look you want to achieve.

cheap office partitions nottingham

Are these cheap partitions still portable?

Yes, absolutely. Although they’re the lowest cost, these partitions still boast most of the best benefits of all of the other types of separators. You don’t quite get the class of some of the upper end glass partitions, but you get the great price and still get a portable office divider.

Can I get cheap partitioning for a small office space?

Yes to this too! The prices don’t really change too much whether you need a single screen or your whole office being changed around. Either way, this 50mm partition option is generally going to be your most cost-effective option no matter the size of space you’re working with.