Office Partitions Nottingham

Here at, we’re office partition suppliers and installers based in Nottingham and have been for over 15 years.

So what can we do? This means we create and can supply any sort of partition (essentially what creates space within a room to form an office or a suitable working environment) for any type of property in Nottingham.

So, anything you want for your office, be that new walls, doors, partitions, cubicles, systems, supplies, furniture and more, you can turn to us and we can supply you any of these to meet your requirements and at a fast standard.

Experienced Office Partitions Suppliers and Installers

Not only that, but we can also install any partitioning, furnishings or dividers you purchase for your office. Whether you bought materials through us or another company like Amazon, we can come and fit out your office and achieve the look and feel you’re going for.

What are our capabilities as an office refurbishment service?

With over 15 years experience means we can bring more than just supply and installation of office partitions.

We boast a hawklike eye for design after seeing hundreds of office designs over the years, from call centre style to creative arts, we know how to make space work for the industry you’re working in. So, if you need professional advice with an office revamp or for your new property, we’re happy to come and offer our professional, no obligation advice.

Pick from our used equipment for savings. We’ve amassed a lot of old glass walls, doors, patrons, materials, cubicles etc. over the years from clearing offices, people giving us their excess etc. so we have loads of equipment ready to go, today. We’re always happy to offer this equipment to our customers as they can make great savings (sometimes as much as 50% even on top quality 50mm + luxury office partition dividers) for parts of offices that are in near mint condition.

A Dynamic Office Refurbishment Service

We really mean it when we say we’ve seen it all. If you already have a good idea of what your office needs, we can simply work with you to make your vision a reality. If not, we’ve worked with loads of different industries and can show you case studies so you can build up a feel for the walls, floors and ceilings you want in your office system.

Having designed and created offices in the creative sector in Hockley in NG1, we know how to create an atmosphere that breeds creativity just through the environment people are working from. Sure, the company is going to have a lot to do with the work that ultimately comes from the office, but it all starts with an environment that this company is going to have to work from. If the cubicles are too uptight, rigid and grey, the feel of the room is going to be off and no one is going to be able to work on their design and creative tasks well anyway despite the great team.

As well as sales offices where people are in that office to create money for their company. You have to create a different atmosphere and setup. There needs to be compression because people are, in a way, fighting over those phones to show people that their company is worth investing in. You couldn’t have the lofty, airy, colourful arty environment that the creatives need in the Lace Market. It’s more military, more structured in these environments. The dividers are more about practicality than the ‘feel’ they give off. You also have to be more efficient with the space as people need less thinking space.

Obviously it’s not a prison and these places still look decent, but there are subtle differences between each of the different and these two industries happen to be the opposite of each other (generally).

Then there’s our ‘official’ work for Government buildings that have required us to create environments that are both professional but also have a welcoming feel to them as often guests form other cities like Leicester, Derby etc. are visiting. So there needs to be that air of professionalism as very important decisions are being made (and working in a professional feeling environment will make people act more profession) but also nice enough to not feel too tense. The glass tends to be glazed and colours are more neutral and ‘official’

Right through to cheap office partitions… Not everyone has a massive budget and can only afford a low price for their equipment, partitions, walls, doors etc.. Or you’re just looking for a singular, low costing screen as yours has broken. That’s fine and we have a range of costs. Also, we have our second hand page where we detail how we have a lot of used equipment that we have cleared from various offices that we keep in storage. A lot of this stuff is almost as good as new and would suit people looking for a low price.

Our other base

We also work out of London. Our office partitions London service was started after our Nottingham base was getting to busy. We knew we had to expand. Hence our base serving all over London. We do every type of partitions with the most popular being glass office partitions in London. This is understandable. All the offices in London want that sleek, professional look.

An office is going to be inhabited by staff for years at a time so it makes sense to work with a company that has worked with such diverse industries all around Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and London 

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Can I get cheap office partitions?

Yes and there are two things to consider. First is that we have a lot of used and second hand equipment we’ve gathered from over the years. A lot of it is simply usable and a lot of it is almost in mint condition. Your second option is ordering from a website like Amazon. Companies like this can probably get you cheaper partitions than anyone else, but you have to wait for the partitions to come, you have to risk the equipment not looking how it did in the pictures and you have to somehow send it back etc.. If in the instance you can get some good cheap equipment from amazon, we’re more than happy to come and install it into your office, offer our experience to get the partitions, doors and walls in the correct places to maximise the kind of environment you’re trying to make.